rock attraction


rock attraction by brent haddock, hand-colored intaglio-type etching, 15.5” x 11”, variable edition of 5, $300 unframed

 My Inspiration

“Rock Attraction” is one of my Wasatch River Rock Series in which I continue to explore the journey of moving from the desert southwest to the peaceful paradise of the Heber Valley, where river rocks reside in abundance. While picking rocks in my new yard, the neighbors warned me about moving them, because a baby rock will grow in its place. They were right. In spite of the numerous truckloads of rocks that I moved, I discovered a textural beauty in their shapes as they were stacked on top of each other. Hopefully, the butterfly image reflects this mystical and yet strange relationship of hard and soft contrast. I love the challenge of taking everyday mundane objects and presenting them in a way that motivates the viewer to look beyond the obvious.

My Working Process

Using a 10-megapixel camera I photographed hundreds of images of rock piles. Back in my studio, I review the results, looking for that image which draws me back for a second, third, or fourth look. Eventually I crop the image leaving an interesting surface and composition to explore. This image is further modified before it is output on a film positive and eventually exposed to a light sensitive copper plate. This plate is hand inked and wiped for each printing. The prints are pulled on to damp rag paper imported from Europe. They are run through my manual etching press at thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch. When it is dry I use watercolor to hand color the butterfly through a series of washes.   ~ brent


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