smart fish wear camo


smart fish wear camo by brent haddock, hand-colored intaglio-type etching, 7.5” x 19.5”, variable edition of 5, $260 unframed

My Inspiration

“Smart Fish Wear Camo” is yet another etching from my Wasatch River Rock series. This etching is about visual deception. While watching koi swimming in my pond, I became fascinated by their ability to blend into just about any environment. At first glance, the two swimming koi in this print aren’t always visible. Many report that they see frogs instead. I love the interplay of color and shapes that make them look like they are wearing camouflage.

My Working Process

I start by combining photographic images of rocks and my drawings of koi until I find a pleasing composition. Using Photoshop, the final image is output on film which is then exposed to a photo sensitive copper plate. I am proud of the fact that my studio complies with safer printmaking standards using no acids, solvents or toxic art supplies. The plate is hand inked, wiped and printed on a Dickerson etching press where it undergoes thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch. When dry, the print is hand colored with watercolor washes.   ~ brent


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