things that begin with “R”


things that begin with “R” by brent haddock, intaglio-type photo etching, 11” x 15.5”, Edition of 5, $300 unframed

My Inspiration

“Things That Begin With R” is a photo etching that explores the journey of a simple composition using textures and value. I was inspired by the everyday beauty of beautiful objects such as the rose and rocks that I had previously photographed and have always been a fan of Rembrandt because he is the father of etching. Thus I chose to include one of his self-portraits (positive and inverted) in the imagery. The beautiful texture on the top and bottom of the print are reticulated washes that I made by brushing photocopy toner mixed with floor wax and rubbing alcohol onto mylar. When the composition was complete and printed, I realized that all of the subject matter coincidentally begin with the letter “R”. 

My Working Process

I first began designing in the studio by selecting film positives of textures that I found to be visually interesting. Next, I arranged these films into a composition that was pleasing. This part of the process was easy as I taught college level design classes for 30 years. The films were then exposed to light and a copper plate with photo sensitive film as a ground. This method is very similar to the process used for electronic printed circuit boards. Once the plate was developed in a simple solution of washing soda, I was ready to apply the ink, wipe and run it through my etching press. By the way the beautiful black ink that I used happens to be my favorite, Graphic Chemical Renaissance Black. ~ brent


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