first settlement of the valley

First Settlement of the Valley_edited-1

 first settlement of the valley by janice trane jones, 11 x 14 watercolor w/mat, $150 unframed

One of the first settlements in the Heber Valley still can be seen east on Lake Creek Road in Heber.  Amazingly the great-granddaughter of the first resident still resides in the home and is in her nineties.  The home was originally a polygamist home with the bottom floor being used by one wife and children and the upper floor by the second wife and children. 

The settlement was a cattle ranch and had an enormous natural spring on the property that for the last thirty years has been deeded for drinking water for the City of Heber.

I was inspired to paint this home because of its rich history and the fact that it may not be around for too many more years.  The beautiful local sandstone and Victorian trim is very common to early pioneer homes and is loved by many. ~ janice

2 Responses to “first settlement of the valley”
  1. kseverny says:

    somehow this seems cheaper than it should be.
    its very atmospheric.
    i feel like i’m there

  2. janice trane jones says:

    Thank you for making those nice comments about the painting. I have been gone for a couple of days and did not realized you had made the comment.
    Yes that is the real price for now. This painting will be displayed framed at our show starting on November 20th if you would like to see it or work out a deal. Janice

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