brent haddock


Brent Haddock has been an exhibiting artist and printmaker for more than 30 years. He received his MFA degree from Utah State University in 1978 and has had dozens of solo and group shows. His work is included in many public, private, and corporate collections. Most recently, Brent was invited to participate in an international group showing of non-toxic printmakers called the PrintSAFE Exhibition in Warringah, Australia.

For 17 years Brent owned and directed Haddock Studios a successful screen printing business. He has also been an ardent supporter of arts programs for college students. His teaching experience includes 30 years of college level art instruction in all phases of printmaking, photography, painting and drawing. He studied at the Canadian School for Non-Toxic Printmaking in Grande Prairie Canada where he developed a strong commitment to using non-toxic methods for intaglio printmaking. He conducts workshops in safer printmaking methods.

Haddock’s studio and home are located in the Heber Valley, where he and has wife Carroll, a fabric artist, are slaves to a menagerie of sewing machines and an etching press. They are also the proud parents of one son, five daughters and 18 grandchildren.

click here to check out Brent’s wba archive

One Response to “brent haddock”
  1. Hi Brent,
    What a great idea! Looks like you are in with a great group. Good luck with sales and keep me posted. I’ll check back from time to time.

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