an award in the artist’s magazine!

how many times do i… by janice trane jones, 11×14 oil, SOLD (currently hanging in Heber City’s Rockwater Salon)

Yes, our very own Janice has won an award of 3rd place in the Animal/Wildlife division of the artist’s magazine’s annual student competition.  Congratulations Janice! 

Pick up a copy of the January/February edition, and you too can read, 

After she retired, Janice Jones decided to gt serious about art.  “In the last four years, I’ve taken workshops and read every art book I could get my hands on, “she says.  “I find when I start painting a subject that’s really fun and going well, I can’t stop.  I will literally paint through the night.”

Jones carries a camera with her wherever she goes to capture inspiring scenes.  The ravens in How many times do I…! seemed almost human to her, as though they were “mimicking childish human behavior such as irritation, disgust and frustration.”  Jones says she initially intended to make the painting more realistic, but as she started applying the thick paint with a palette knife, she knew she had to have a looser approach to fit the story.

Jones hopes to one day have a painting in a museum so her children and grandchildren will know that “dreams can come true at any point in one’s life.”

Again, congrats Janice.  It is an amazing piece! ~katrina


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