janice trane jones


When a viewer/patron looks at a painting and instantly identifies with the scene or story then as an artist I have accomplished my goal. I started to seriously study art in 2005 with watercolors. I decided to pick up where I had left off 35 years earlier with my love of art and found it wasn’t as easy the second time around. I took a few classes at the Peterson Art Center and then decided to venture out on my own and try oil painting in 2007. This adventure opened my eyes to the realization that painting has to be a daily habit if one wants to become accomplished and appreciated. It also has to be a constant endeavor of studying great artists, visiting galleries, museums and taking workshops and lessons to improve.

In 2008 with my limited exposure and slowly improving skills, I applied and was gratefully accepted for the fall 2008 Artist-in-Residence program at Zion National Park. Nothing can describe the awe and wonder of painting 30 days in such a unique and beautiful environment. It was a life altering experience that I encourage every artist to work toward.

Since my residence I have been working hard to improve and work with better artists. I continue to take painting workshops. I am also starting to sell more paintings and am finding it interesting that the watercolors are the most popular. I’m thrilled to say that my paintings have been sold to buyers from all over the U.S and now also Germany and Canada. (See archives)

My background does explain a little about what and how I paint. I was born and raised in Utah and graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Anthropology and Archaeology. As a child I was lucky enough to have a father that thought girls should do anything they wanted and not be gender oriented in their activities. Therefore, I have always fished, hunted, played as many sports as possible and worked in my garden and yard. These activities have influenced my painting and love of the out-of-doors. When my husband, Corey and I travel I attempt to paint, sketch and take photos as references for future paintings. Our shared love of art, fly-fishing, golf and gardening has led us to some of the most beautiful spots in the western U.S. and Canada. I simply want others to share my travels and fun through my paintings.

5-Exhibitions, Awards and Shows

One Woman Show 2008 Wasatch County Library-Senior Citizen Center

Honorable Mention Award for “Zion Bank Building” Midway Plein Air Paradise Annual Competition 2008

Artist-in Residence, Zion National Park Fall 2008

One Woman Show at Canyon Gallery, Zion National Park May-June 2009

Participation in Midway Plein Air Competition 2009

click here to see Janice’s wba painting archive


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