roses on the handle of a wrench

roses on the handle of a wrench by brent haddock, intaglio-type etching, 12×18, $350 unframed

For three decades I taught beginning freshman design principles using the allegory of it not making any sense to put roses on the handle of a wrench. This etching is a “spoof” on this concept. I have been experimenting with textures and use them quite often in my prints. The texture found in this print was made by mixing dry copy machine toner (the black used powder from a xerox machine) with future floor was and rubbing alcohol. This mixture is then brushed onto mylar and allowed to dry in the reticulated configuration that you can see. I love these patterns. This mylar is then used as a film positive when exposing my imagery to a photo-sensitive plate, developing it in washing soda, and printing it on my etching press. Instead of using brushes or ink spatulas (artist’s tools) as a subject I chose to do a series of more manly tools. ~ brent


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