meet deb tolbert


I have always loved art but I haven’t always been actively painting. I was a Fine Art major at Brigham Young University. I married, started a family and worked full time. At that point in my life, art was a guilty pleasure – sleep being a higher priority. There is a time and a place for everything and when the last child started school and I was no longer working outside the home, I started painting again. It was hard jumping back into oil painting. I am a self-taught artist lacking a great deal of discipline and without professional training. But I have attended workshops and it’s been a pleasure getting to know the local artists. I have a great husband, 4 oddly wonderful children, their spouses and my grandbabies, that support me in my effort to paint. I think they do it just so they can snitch my paintings out of my studio and hang them on their walls.

My husband and I own a small ranch in Wasatch County, Utah, with horses, mules, dogs, cats, goats and chickens. It’s crazy but we love it and they are a constant inspiration to my art. I love plein air painting and being in the outdoors. Art to me has to be fun and satisfying, although I am learning that discipline is necessary to produce with regularity. My wish is to have the fun of animals and the beauty of our valley show through in my art. I hope it makes you smile when you see it. ~ deb


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