pipe wrench

pipe wrench, by brent haddock, 12×18 intaglio-type etching, $350 unframed

This etching was inspired by a tool, a simple pipe wrench. The reticulated washes in the background represent textures that I love. ~ brent

2 Responses to “pipe wrench”
  1. Kimberly Burleigh says:

    The reticulated wash on your print is beautiful. Would you mind sharing how you achieved that?

  2. Thank you for the comment. The reticulated wash process is relatively easy to do. I use toner (the black used powder from a copy machine) to make a liquid by combining it with future floor wax and rubbing alcohol. This toner liquid is then brushed on to a piece of drafting mylar and allowed to dry. As it dries, it creates beautiful reticulations. Oftentimes I will spritz the mylar with alcohol or water to further complicate the wash. Once dry the mylar (a film positive) is now exposed to a photo sensitive etching plate. Sometimes the reticulated wash is scanned into the computer for further manipulation before it is exposed to the photopolymer plate. I have been teaching this process in workshops for the last 8 years. Thanks. Brent

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