art giveaway by brent haddock

Free Print, by brent haddock, 3.5 x 5.5 intaglio-type etching, free unframed

This intaglio-type etching is part of a series of prints about artist’s tools. The background was made using old copy machine toner that is mixed with future floor wax and rubbing alcohol. This was used as a film positive for the photo sensitive etching plate. After the image was exposed to light and developed in washing soda, I printed a small edition. I am giving  three (3) free prints to the first three collectors to respond to the Wasatch Back Artists gallery. Enjoy!   ~ brent

6 Responses to “art giveaway by brent haddock”
  1. louster says:

    Nice, I like it. Might borrow your idea on my own site.

  2. starr says:

    Awesome project/idea/website Katrina. I like the prints Brent. is this where I respond to try for the print?

  3. John Edmondson says:

    I LOVE!! Brent’s work!! I enjoy him very much as a person, and an artist. Very outstanding and original work!

  4. marianne maltman says:

    I’d love one

    Marianne Maltman

  5. louster says:

    Your print just arrived in the mail and its beautiful. Thank you very much, I am now looking for the perfect frame.

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