giveaway winner – yellow heber home

Congrats to Sue who said, “Those are beautiful!”

Sally Hauter gave me a fabulous little history of the home:

The “yellow heber home” is a very famous historic home in the valley.  It is the John Murray Murdock Home.  He was a sheep herder from Scotland.   Brigham Young sent him to California to purchase a flock of sheep.  They were a big sheep herding family here in Heber.  He was a big politician in town too.  If you hadn’t already noticed there is a sidewalk all the way from the county buildings to his home, that is because he had it put in so he wouldn’t have to walk in the mud every day to and from work.  He was a polygamist and his second wife’s home is where Water from the Moon is located.

So I have an apology to make.  When I emailed friends and family about this giveaway, I was not very clear as to where to leave their comments to enter.  I had 8 people leave comments on my post at the daily delights that told about the giveaway.  So I put their names in the bowl with those of you who entered on the wba post…but I put your names in twice.

For today’s post I am leaving everyone’s names in the bowl {except the lovely Sue}, and will add names of those who leave comments on today’s giveaway post for Janice’s broadhead pond.  Yes, some of you will then have three entries.  How exciting!  Good luck!  And Congrats Sue! ~ katrina

2 Responses to “giveaway winner – yellow heber home”
  1. kseverny says:

    its a beautiful house

  2. Julie Chambers says:

    Excellent work! I’d love to paint like this and to own this painting.

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