down by cool creek {invited artist}

down by cool creek by linda halcomb, 8×11 transparent watercolor on 140# Arches Paper, Matted to 11″ X 14″ with Foamcore backing and in Acetate Envelope, $200

In June, 2009, Jeanne McLeish, one of Indiana’s premier Plein Air painters, conducted a workshop at Cool Creek Park in Noblesville, Indiana. I attended because I, being an old Indiana farm girl, have a strong need to be outside – in nature. I had no experience and had always been intimidated by plein air painting but Jeanne made it seem straightforward. Under her open, generous guidance I was able to complete a nice, little painting during the morning session and took on the challenge of painting the sun dappled creek in the afternoon. I wish I could tell you that I was successful but I was not. The sun was strong, the shadows deep and my color sense askew. What I did get was an accurate value study and a watercolor sketch that could be used in the studio later. During the early winter, longing for sunshine and shade, I brought these out and created the watercolor “Down by Cool Creek”. ~ linda

2 Responses to “down by cool creek {invited artist}”
  1. janice trane jones says:

    I am glad you are joining us for a month. You do lovely work and I hope people will appreciate it. Janice

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