garden show 2010

Thank you to everyone for attending our Annual Garden Show!

The weather was warm {sometimes warmer than we would have liked 🙂 } and beautiful.  We only had a few pieces fly off the grids and tables.

Special thanks to Jan and Corey for the most exquisite setting.  It was an amazing weekend.

If for some reason you missed out…make sure and come to Plein Air Paradise this coming weekend (4th of July).  After the first day of registration, there were already 80 participants…it should be our biggest year yet!

And be sure to come to our Garden Show next year…we’re already working with other local artists to create a “Stroll” of sorts.  Thanks again!!!

2 Responses to “garden show 2010”
  1. Trina, the setting was beautiful and it looks like everyone really enjoyed their time in the garden. I hope your sales were good although a good time on a gorgeous day in a beautiful setting is the real reward.

    • trina berg says:

      Oh, thx Linda, how are you? 🙂 Yes, you are soo right, the good weather and good friends made it wonderful! We heard from our June artist, Andreas, that he’d like to attend and participate next year. If you and your husband would like to come…that would be such an event! We’re planning on the same time of year…the week before Fourth of July and then if you like you could do Plein Air Paradise with us…it is such a great experience. Hugs to you, trina

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