a summer update & guest artists :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer.  🙂  Things have been busy around here for Wasatch Back Artists:

Carole has returned from Portugal, Cape Cod, and is busy preparing for another fantastic Park City Kimball Arts Festival.

Marilynn is currently enjoying a Cruise with her husband…hopefully getting the much needed relaxation from her behind the scenes work on Wasatch Plein Air Paradise.

Janice is also enjoying a much needed break (I believe she is currently in Vancouver with her husband Corey) after hosting our Art Show in her gorgeous Garden and hosting family including her darling grand-son, Mason.

Debbie has also been entertaining family, reenacting the Mormon Pioneer Trek with her son and youth in her neighborhood, and a couple days at their family ranch…in Wyoming I think {:)}

As for myself, the kiddos and I have been swimming, baking cakes and cookies, painting, and watering our pot veggie garden.  I painted in plein air on Park City’s Main Street last night; saw a few friends, met other happy visitors, and enjoyed spending time with new friends, Bob & Janet.

As you’ve probably noticed, we don’t have a guest artist for July.  We’re making a few changes around here {to be announced soon}, but take a minute and enjoy artwork of our guest artists we’ve invited on the wba:

James Booker Preston

Steve McGinty

Nancy Andruk Olson

Karrie Baldwin Penney

Linda Halcomb


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