new artists, locally-made cradle boards & frames for sale!

Robert Johnson

(watercolor by robert johnson)

The doorbell rang at 7:30 last night…right on time: Kent Winterton.  Following close behind were Carole and Robert.  I was able to answer before they rang, for they were admiring our graffiti on the front porch (kiddo chalk masterpieces.  If only the chalk would scare away the door-to-door salespeople…I’ve had enough for this summer!)  The miracle was that the kiddos stayed in bed (or pretended to stay in bed) during our wba meeting last night.

Seriously.  Nothing less than a miracle!

Marilynn, Debbie, Tehmi, and Ruby Maine also joined us soon after.  It was a great night.  We’re so excited to have Robert and Kent on board.

Kent brought some cradle board samples for everyone to check out as well as a full-on (I mean really long) price list of options for sizes, widths, etc.  It should now be easy for Utah artists to find affordable and local frames and cradle boards!   How did he price them you ask?  Using Utrecht and Dick Blick sales prices….and going below them.   Email me sizes you’re interested in and I’ll let you know his pricing.   Kent is willing to do a discount for bulk orders as well.

Photos of the frames to come.  Again, if you have something in particular in mind: frame style, size of cradles, shadow boxes, etc, let us know!

Robert Johnson just finished another successful year selling at the Park City Kimball Arts Festival.  Looking forward to seeing all the great work both Robert and Kent have to share.

Robert Johnson (watercolor by robert johnson)

Meanwhile, we’ve got some giveaways on the way as well as some studio visits to share with you.

I’d also like to start a new section on our gallery: “Ask the Artist”, where you can ask anything you’d like of our artists.  Want to know why Debbie paints animals?  Or what it was like for Carole to solo sail for so long?  Or how many of Marilynn’s grand-children have appeared in her paintings?  Now is your chance.

Looking forward to September!  Thanks to everyone for your support and love.

all of us at the wba,

carole, debbie, janice, katrina, kent, marilynn, & robert


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