studio visit with judy summer

When meeting artist Judy Summer, one can’t help but realize that for a lil’ slip of a lady, she’s very big in creativity and it is simply bursting from her!  Thank you Judy for opening up your fresh and charming home to each of us at the PCW {PCWhatever: really the PCPAA…its really hard to say…try it…yeah, I know, that’s why many of us say the PCW! :)}.

After some goodies and fun chatting with recent friends as well as new ones,

{I was delighted to meet Joyce Baron for the first time…she is amazing, check out her work here}

…we got down to business talking about the Kimball Art Center Member’s pin-up show for October,

{If you get a chance, be sure to check it out!},

as well as reviewing recent Park Silly events and the Park City Showcase of Homes where several of us participated.

Judy then invited us to her walk-out basement studio.  Gosh, it was incredible!  Natural wood beams, large windows bringing in lots of natural light…plenty of space to move and create….she even had spaces set up for future art classes.  Judy used to do jewelry, but is now focusing on polymer clay sculptures creating all sorts of amazing things.  We watched in awe as she took various colors of clay, rolled them through a pasta maker and cut them, folded this and that and went through the roller again.

The geometry, the order and yet the unfinished material that you can continue to change and enjoy.  We were in heaven.  I want to take the builder and dancer with me to learn from Judy…what a memorable time we will share!  You up for it Judy?  A 5 and nearly 4 year old?  🙂

So big thanks to Judy, and if you’d like to take a class from her, here is her email.  I promise a great adventure awaits with the amazing Judy!


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