painting giveaway: summer in park city by jan perkins

Summer in Park City, aka, Dairy Barn with Cows by Jan Perkins  ~ 22 x 18.5

summer in park city, aka, dairy barn with cows by jan perkins, 22 x18.5

Yeah for the monthly giveaway!  This month we have a print by Jan Perkins.  It is my favorite of her prints…and hard to pick a favorite…let me know which is your favorite.  To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment.  For an extra entry, suggest a query to Jan for our monthly edition of ask the artist.  For more info, read here.  Enter until Tuesday September 28th at midnight MST.  Winner will be announced Wednesday September 19th. Good luck everyone…gosh I love this piece…Enjoy! ~ kb

This Limited Edition signed and numbered print by Jan Perkins is a four color printing process on 100% rag acid free paper.  The original painting was commissioned for a Park City Magazine Cover.  The painting also won Certificate of Merit from the Society of Illustrator’s Show in New York.  There are 300 prints in the edition. ~ Jan

19 Responses to “painting giveaway: summer in park city by jan perkins”
  1. Katrina says:

    oh, i really like this one too. love the colors!

  2. Karen R says:

    Well done!

  3. Tamara L says:

    Great rendition of the McPolin barn!

  4. Jan Perkins says:

    Thank you very much, I appreciate your comments.

  5. Pattyann says:

    Love the artwork! I love the greens in this and the barn and the pasture. very beautiful!

  6. Stacee McCotter says:

    I have always loved driving past this barn! I like the perspective, colors and shapes you used.

  7. Dan R says:

    Love this one. The dairy currently has a huge American flag on the front. Loved that too! Drove by it everyday for a week in Park City recently.

  8. Gini Hansen says:

    I love that beautiful barn – and how pastoral with cows grazing in the foreground. Lovely composition.

  9. ashley berg says:

    Reminds me of Grandpa’s farm. Very Nice!

  10. Nancy Jones says:

    Beautifiul painting – just the kind I like – barns, cows, green, and beautiful sky. I need to win this one because I really love it!!! Good reason, eh?

    Nancy Jones

  11. Lisa says:

    I love that barn. The painting is beautiful.

  12. Ronda F says:

    I’ve been enjoying this structure/scene since the 70’s when we would drive to Park City with our little kids. Beautiful!!

  13. Carolee Kohler says:

    A beautiful Park City landmark and I love the cows.

  14. Tehmi says:

    A great painting!

  15. Micall says:

    This is amazing, I love the cows! The painting has such great character.

  16. Sarah Beck says:

    After looking at all of them, I would say that this is my favorite print also! Love it, I know exactly where I would put it!

  17. Sarah Beck says:

    My question would be…… How many different mediums have you serioulsly worked with?

  18. angela back says:

    Just moved to Idaho! I loved driving by this Barn, I miss this place! Great job!

  19. Juanita Marshall says:

    Love this painting. I live near the barn and enjoy the views of it as well as the artist’s rendering. Thanks!

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