queenie claire {oil by katrina berg}

queenie claire by katrina berg, 18×24 oil on 1 1/2″ cradled masonite board, $1000 unframed (sides painted pink)

This is really an armed Queen Anne chair, but I named it queenie claire after our daughter, who we refer to as the dancer.  She is stuck between two very busy brothers 18 months older and 20 months younger than she.  The dancer is our lil’ queen.  She is our lil’ princess that can get dirty with the best of them, has a spark of dare devil in her, a bit of stubborness or determination, {which I love}, and yet is all about the dress-up, painting, dancing, wearing make-up, doing cute hairdos, and creating masterpieces for her friends and cousins.  At present she is wearing her typical uniform: a leotard…her tutu is not far from her, and it is the third outfit she has worn today…another typical turn of events in our home.   She is an amazing big sister and mothers us all.  I love the way she finds creative projects and invites us all to participate.  Our lil’ queenie claire. ~ katrina

2 Responses to “queenie claire {oil by katrina berg}”
  1. Marianne Moiras mom says:

    Love the painting, Trina — so are you saying that your little dancer takes after her mama? She sounds just like you!!!

    • katrina berg says:

      Thanks Marianne :). I guess at this stage in her young years, it is normal for her to want to do similar things. It makes life so much richer though, learning and playing together. She and I do have a great time!

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