OpusOneThirtyFour {copper sculpture by dennis duce}

OpusOneThirtyFour by dennis duce, 7″w X 5″D X 4 1/2″ H reclaimed copper on marble base, $450

This piece was created out of a love for Form Folding, a process I use to create intricate curves in otherwise flat pieces of scrap copper. I find great joy being able to take small strips left over from larger sculptures (which are made from copper left over from roofing projects in the Park City area) and turning them into creative works that demand your attention and stand on their own as truly interesting works of art. Even the Marble base used on this came from scrap left over from a kitchen project. I never give an overtly descriptive name to my pieces because every individual that looks at them sees something different. ~ dennis

{click to see larger}

One Response to “OpusOneThirtyFour {copper sculpture by dennis duce}”
  1. Joyce Frisby says:

    Another great piece from Dennis Duce. You certainly don’t disappoint a fan of yours.

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