garden gate {original oil by marilynn z. nielson}

garden gate by marilynn z. nielson, 9 x 12 oil, $425 framed,            $350 unframed

This painting was done after a visit this spring to Prince Edward Island. We visited the home that was the inspiration for the book, Ann of Green Gables. As we walked through the home and visited the various rooms, we would hear people comment, “This would be Ann’s room, and this would be Marila’s room.” It was eerie, because I had to keep reminding myself that they didn’t live in this house—it was fiction. Everything seemed so real that is was difficult to remember that it never really happened. As we went into the backyard, I was struck by this beautiful little gate framed with hollyhocks. The sign said that the path led to the Hidden Forest. We felt we were back in time and part of the story. ~ marilynn

2 Responses to “garden gate {original oil by marilynn z. nielson}”
  1. Karen R says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for the story.

  2. Jan Perkins says:

    Gorgeous painting Marilynn!!
    And I enjoyed reading about your experience. It puts the reader and viewer right there with you at Green Gables.
    Thank you, what a treasure!

    I also really enjoyed meeting you the other night with Katrina.

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