ask the artist: janice trane jones {answers}


janice, why do you like watercolor? how do you decide your medium for a particular painting?

I love watercolor and oil. Each has it’s pros and cons. I love watercolor for it’s blending of the colors on the wet paper and the speed in which an artist can create. Many times when I watercolor it seems that the creativity flows just like the medium. I can stay up all night painting without even realizing that the night has passed.
I decide to use watercolor instead of oil if the subject needs a softer approach and a more serene feel. I have a tougher time getting that with oil paints.

Hi Janice, Who has been your biggest influence on your style? Thanks!

Hi Julie,
Thanks for that question. I love John Singer Sargent and Winslow Homer. Their use of watercolor is so expressive and powerful. Each work they produced spoke volumes even though some were very small in size and simple in subject matter

Janice, we had such fun coming to your house (a long time ago) to paint in the class by Steve McGinty. Your gardens were incredible….My question is – How do you keep up all that garden and still find time to paint?

Hi Nancy,
It was fun having all the painters at the garden painting in the heat. Your question is a tough one. Since gardening and painting are two of my passions, it has been difficult to do both at full speed. Now that we have sold our home I will be more dedicated to my painting but will miss the 1 1/3 acres of flowers.

When you decide to do a painting, do you simply start painting and see what comes out? Or do you have a plan, goal, direction, etc before you get going? Thanks

Thank you for the nice words. When I watercolor vs oil paint, I generally like to do more sketches either in the field or in the studio. Watercolor is not as forgiving to me as oil so I tend to plan a little better. I hate starting over on a painting. Many of my florals are not planned out and are somewhat abstract or loose but those paintings with figures or buildings have to be planned to make the composition work.

What was your first water color subject? Thanks.

My first watercolor was an indoor scene with an antique doll in a rocking chair. I didn’t realize at the time it was way to much to tackle with my very limited skills. I recommend to any new artist to start a very simple painting as your first goal and then move on to bigger and more complicated subjects as your skills and confidence improve.

Thanks everyone for your insightful questions.  Thanks to Janice for her wonderful responses.  I’m enjoying this Ask the Artist edition learning about our readers as well as our artists! ~ katrina




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