kimball arts festival & wasatch plein air paradise

domino dreams by katrina berg, 30×30 oil

Like the majority of the wasatch back artists, I’ve locked myself in my studio for the weekend…painting away in preparation for Park City’s Kimball Art Festival.  For Carole, Robert and Jan, this is no new feat, but I find myself wondering what to expect, nervous, and excited all the same.

Plan on joining us August 5-7th on Park City’s Main Street.  Carole is usually right outside the Kimball Art Center…Robert, Jan and I will be further up the street.  I will be sure and post booth numbers as they become available.  Meanwhile, here is the official website for the event.

Our family passed Marilynn painting on Main Street in Midway last week…no doubt she was doing an entry for the annual Wasatch Plein Air Paradise event sponsored by the Midway Art Association.  Marilynn and Jan will be participating in this year’s event, and Marilynn is always so gracious to help participants registered and their canvas’ stamped during the event.  The event begins June 24th and continues until the 4th of July.  Artwork from the competition may be purchased at the exhibition begining the evening of July 1st until the afternoon of the 4th.

Ok…back to the easel.  🙂  Have a wonderful day! ~ katrina


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