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My art career really began in high school when my art teacher admitted to stealing one of my paintings and refused to give it back, stating that he will appreciate it far more than I will. This experience gave me the realization that I could do well as an artist. A few years later I graduated in illustration from Utah State University. Since then I’ve worked as an illustrator but more recently and passionately as a landscape and animal artist. I have a vast interest in life and this is reflected in the variety of created work. I’ve painted Greek ceiling paintings, award winning portraits of musicians in the Utah Symphony, children’s portraits, landscapes for Utah ski resorts, fashion illustration, and paintings of show and race horses.

When I am in the presence of nature, of animals, of beautiful old buildings, a certain kind of light, I am immediately restored to peace, to wholeness, to an indescribable calm. For me, these experiences are nothing less than sacred. I strive to create paintings, which give this calm sacred experience to the viewer.

My work is included in several collections in Utah, my home state, as well as across the US. I am continuing to grow as an artist and expand my vision as I exhibit my paintings in local and national shows. My paintings are represented by Montana Trails Gallery in Bozeman MT, Gallery MAR in Park City, The Gallery at Clarkes in Southern Utah, and Wasatch Back Artists.


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