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Since the earliest age I have had a love affair with wood.  One of my fondest childhood memories was visiting my Grandma Winterton.  She would allow us 2 cookies per day and had what I thought was the greatest toy in the world.  It was an old pine board,  a carton of  small nails and a hammer.  I would spend hours pounding nails on her kitchen floor.  It was a heavy hammer and consequently I had the strongest forearm of any 6 year old in town.

I was raised on a dairy farm in Charleston, Utah: a quiet little community in the beautiful Heber Valley.   Other than one high school woodshop class and a stint in a cabinet shop I am a self taught woodworker.  I have enjoyed building cabinets, furniture and home décor items.  I have learned that sanding and finishing a project, which used to be only a necessary drudgery, has become to me one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of woodworking.

My transition from “flatwork” to turned work has been an exciting journey.  Inspired by my father-in-law, who himself is an accomplished wood turner, I bought a lathe and signed up for a beginning wood turning class;  in that order.  ( My lathe sat in my shop for 2 months before I even dared  turn it on).  I was immediately addicted and have done very little “flatwork” since.  With more formal training and a lot of trial and error I have developed my skills and gained an eye and a style that excites and satisfies me creatively.

I think one of earth’s greatest gifts is the tree.  I am often awed by the raw beauty of a piece of wood or a chunk of burl.  In a responsible way my task is  to transform the natural beauty of  the wood  to an object that is both beautiful and functional.  Thus you will see that my work consists of  many bowls, platters, vases, and vessels, and rolling pins.    I think of my pieces as beautiful utility ware.  The greatest compliment to me is when I find out someone has one of my pieces full of fruit on the table,  or uses one of my platters to take the steaks off the grill.

I am thrilled to offer to you some of my work and look forward to creating more beautiful things for you to enjoy.

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