dennis duce

{Look close, and you’ll see the spires of the Salt Lake Temple, this piece currently on exhibit at the Springville Art Museum}

Welcome Dennis Duce, our guest artist for November and December!

Growing up in Vancouver Canada I was always the creative kid with more ideas then words to express them and more miles of wax crayon drawings then any kid in the neighborhood. Though I have changed my medium I am still a prolific artist and my vocabulary still doesn’t keep up with my mind.

While still in High School my art instructor noticed my creative talents and worked diligently to mold me into a full time artist. I had many conversations about this with Mr. Art Posi (Yes my art teachers name was Art). The last one ended with me letting him know I had no desire to be broke and starving. I went into sales and quickly found a niche selling roofs in Park City, Utah for Nielco Roofing and Sheet Metal.

Many of the roofs I sell are either copper or at least have copper flashings. As a result of all these copper roofs Nielco has drums and pallets full of copper scrap waiting to be recycled. After years of walking by these I decided to see what I could create out of all this chaos. I started working with chemicals and heat finding all the interesting things I could make copper do. One day I got the idea to weave two of these test pieces together and well OpusOne was created.

That was June of 2008. I have been weaving copper ever since. I love to explore shapes and colors and see what I can create from two pieces of scrap. Wall hangings, free standing sculptures, mobiles and even jewelry have all flowed from the simple idea of weaving copper.

I look forward to the creative process of exploring shape, contrast, color and movement. Some of the words that have been used to describe my work include, organic, alive, feminine, sensual and (one of my favorite) full of motion. I now find myself on a journey to discover and uncover all the beauty I can from this exciting medium. Please join me in this process by following my ever growing body of reclaimed metal art.

As a local artist I love getting to know my clients and working to create custom art designed around your home, décor, colors and personal taste. I especially love to create your sculpture from scrap reclaimed from your homes roof project. Please follow me on Facebook on my Numbers by Duce fan page or call me for a free private consultation.

2010 Mission Pawsible Whitefish MT
2010 Charlie’s Garden McCall, Idaho
2010 Luxury Home Tour (Featured Artist) Park City, UT
2009 Dog of Bark City Park City, UT

2010 Idaho Banking Company Featured Artist, Boise, Eagle and Meridian, ID
2010 Galerie Belle Ame, Eagle, ID

2010 Spiritual and Religious Show SMA Springville, UT
2010 Kimball Art Center, UT
2010 The District Gallery Park City, UT
2010 Galeria Belle Ame (Main Eagle Gallery), Eagle, ID
2010 Charlie’s Garden McCall, Idaho
2010 Faces of Utah Sculpture (Utah Cultural Community Center) WVC, UT
2010 Spring Salon (Springville Museum of Art) Springville, UT
2010 Galerie Belle Ame (Silverstone Plaza Location) Meridian, ID
2010 SMA (Springville Museum of Art) Springville, UT (New Acquisitions Exibit)
2009 Spiritual and Religious Show SMA Springville, UT
2009 HPH Design Gallery Sugar House, UT

SMA Springville Museum of Art (Permanent Collection) Springville, UT
Hilton Corporation Boise, ID
Christianson Arms Gunnison, UT
Resorts West Park City, UT
HPH Design Salt Lake City, UT
Upwall Design Sugarhouse, UT
Aurant Corporation Sugarhouse, UT
D Grunich Park City, UT
K Christianson Fayet, UT
Dr & Mrs. Anthon E Anderson III Buenos Aires, Argentina
Kent and Shari Soelberg Orem, UT
A Kirkham Phoenix, AZ
Emmanuelle Bourbon London, England
C Lawrence Kuna, ID
C Tolman Fruitland, ID
C Brannan Park City, UT
B Ninneman Graner, NC
G Hovde Dominica, Caribbean
B Mcandles McCall, ID

dennis’ wba archive:


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