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I started my art career in 1982 when I decided that I had too much free time during the day at the Baskin Robbins I owned in Taylorville, Illinois. The Springfield Art Association had evening classes and I took a few workshops but learned that I was more successful when I took a slow pace without anyone watching over my shoulder! I sold my first painting for $25.00 in 1984, and, since it took several hundred scoops to equal that income, I was hooked on my new interest. I did watercolors of farms, houses, churches, cars, trucks, tractors, airplanes, pets, trees, flowers, and anything that customers wanted. I never accepted payment unless they were happy, and most of my paintings were good enough for me to get paid!

I started doing street art fairs in and around Illinois where I specialized in watercolors and giclee’ reproductions of popular local landmarks like the Illinois State Capitol, Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, Abraham Lincoln sites, big flowers, tractors, and whatever subject that had the potential to sell.

My son and his wife moved to Utah with my two granddaughters in 2003, and we bought a small condo in Park City.

Although I try to stay clear of painting buildings here, there is a good demand for local scenes, and the Big White Barn is still a favorite subject of mine. I still paint large botanicals, and I am especially interested in aspens and mountains.

I like contrast from dark to light in my paintings and I enjoy putting in more color than is realistic. I do my own framing and matting and usually use black frames and black mats, but I am willing to sell without frames. I am currently showing at several locations, Robert Kelly Fine Furniture on Main Street, Park City and Southwest Expressions on Main Street, Park City. I attend the Christmas Bazaar at St. Mary’s Church, several Park Silly Sunday street fairs, and the Kimball Fine Art Fair. I hope to start adding a few more summer art fairs starting in 2011.

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